Take Control of Your Foal's Gut Health 

Supports Equine Intestinal Health in Nursing Foals

Your Complete Solution to Intestinal Health 

The early stages of life are important for a foal's intestinal health. GlycoGuard® probiotic has a patented formulation containing B. infantis and L. plantarum that supports the unique needs of foals, particularly when combined with mare's milk.  

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GlycoGuard + Mare’s Milk: A Powerful Partnership

GlycoGuard is an oral microbial gel that utilizes the power of B. infantis and L. plantarum bacteria to support the development and stability of the newborn foal's gut.

Specifically designed to work in synergy with mare's milk, GlycoGuard is shown to colonize and stabilize foal's large intestine with good gut bacteria.

Why Choose GlycoGuard? 

  • Contains the live bacteria that colonizes in the gut quickly
  • Has lasting benefits even after foals stop nursing 
  • Soothes intestinal discomfort often linked to stress 
  • Vet-recommended, direct-fed microbial probiotic 
  • Key bacteria to help establish a healthy gut for optimal performance 

Exceptional Gut Health 

By providing GlycoGuard to nursing foals, you can ensure they receive the necessary intestinal support for a healthy start in life. GlycoGuard rapidly colonizes in the foal's gut within 24 hours, delivering key bacteria that maximize the nutrition in mare’s milk to promote optimal growth and overall health. 

With its vet-recommended formulation, GlycoGuard gives foals a good start in life for peak performance and a healthy gut.

Any probiotic can claim, we can explain

How does GlycoGuard work with mare's milk to protect foals from within?

Unlock Nutrients 

The probiotics in GlycoGuard breaks down complex carbohydrates found in mare’s milk.

Releases Short-Chain Fatty Acids

This results in the production of short-chain fatty acids within the intestines of nursing foals.

Rapid Colonization of the Gut

GlycoGuard features B. infantis, a bacteria strain that rapidly colonizes the gut of nursing foals.

Hear from the experts on why they choose GlycoGuard

I've been hearing nothing but great things about GlycoGuard from fellow trainers and wanted to try a drug free solution for supporting gastrointestinal health in our own horses. Since being on GlycoGuard, our horses have been happier, healthier, and showing peak performance. I couldn’t be happier!"

Cade McCutcheon
McCutheon Reining Horses

"My foal was born septic, received GlycoGuard, is 12-days old now and doing great! I have been using GlycoGuard this foaling season as part of routine care of our newborn foals and to support intestinal health in the recovery of sick foals. I am a strong supporter of the product and recommend it to my clients.We are loving the results."

Dr. Cassy Mahoney
Farmview Veterinary Services

"GlycoGuard is an amazing product. I had an older mare who had no other symptoms other than having diarrhea. I got a tube of GlycoGuard and after the first 2 doses it was already making a difference, her poop was slowly becoming firmer. Two days after finishing treatment he was back to pooping regularly and has continued to stay normal! It truly helps the gut to get right!"

Kimberly Cummings
Paterson Veterinary

"The Lazy E Ranch foals out 300 mares a year, so we see a number of typical foal conditions. Loose stools is one issue that can have numerous causes. GlycoGuard was the main component of our treatment protocol this year when a case of loose stools needed to be addressed. By using GlycoGuard, we were able to quickly and effectively manage the loose stools in our foals and prevent anything from becoming more serious."

Dr. David A. Stone, DVM
Lazy E Ranch

Please note that GlycoGuard supports digestive health in nursing foals, and is not a replacement for proper veterinary care or medical treatments. If a foal shows signs of illness or has specific health concerns, consulting a veterinarian is essential for accurate diagnosis and appropriate medical intervention. GlycoGuard should be used as a complementary supplement alongside a well-balanced diet and proper veterinary management to ensure the best possible health outcomes for the foal.

Our Science

Our focus is understanding naturally intended synergies between foal's microbiome and diet.

Our Product

The combined action of B. infantis and L. plantarum plays a vital role in optimizing the gut health of nursing foals.


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