Our Science

We are dedicated to advancing the understanding of foal gut health through scientific research. GlycoGuard® is a groundbreaking probiotic supplement that showcases the transformative effects of enhancing the foal gut microbiome.

Our Scienctific Focus

Indigestible Oligosaccharides in Mare's Milk

Oligosaccharides, a prominent component of mare's milk, are complex carbohydrates that are inherently indigestible by the nursing foal.

These naturally occurring carbohydrates cannot be directly digested by the foal's digestive system. However, they serve as vital nourishment for specific bacteria residing in the foal's large intestine.*

Colonization of Beneficial Bacteria: A Key to Intestinal Health

The colonization of specific beneficial bacteria plays a pivotal role in supporting the intestinal health of newborn foals during their vulnerable early weeks of life.

These bacteria thrive on the complex carbohydrates present in mare's milk, contributing to a balanced gut microbiome crucial for optimal growth and development.

Unlocking the Power of Oligosaccharides: Complete Metabolism by Bifidobacterium

Through pioneering research conducted by scientists at UC Davis and Infinant Health, the extensive range of oligosaccharides in mare's milk has been characterized, spanning from colostrum through early lactation.

This groundbreaking work has revealed that mare's milk contains a diversity of complex oligosaccharides, which are preferentially consumed by beneficial bacteria such as Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus.

Conversion to Short-Chain Fatty Acids: Nurturing Gut Health

Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus bacteria utilize these diverse carbohydrates from mare's milk, converting them into short-chain fatty acids.

These fatty acids provide nourishment to the intestinal cells, promoting gut health and supporting the overall well-being of newborn foals.

The Power of Probiotic Supplementation

Scientific evidence demonstrates that probiotic supplementation, specifically with GlycoGuard, can support the foal gut microbiome.

By administering GlycoGuard immediately after birth and twice daily for the first four days of life, remarkable results have been observed.

We unlock the full potential of foal nutrition 

Elevated Levels of Bifidobacterium longum subsp. infantis 

The administration of GlycoGuard leads to a significant increase in the absolute levels of fecal Bifidobacterium longum subsp. infantis.

This vital good gut bacteria strain is responsible for promoting gut health in nursing foals. Notably, the elevated levels of B. infantis persist for up to 14 days, a critical period from birth to weaning. 

Ingredients for a Healthy Gut in a Nursing Foal 

GlycoGuard Probiotic provides a carefully selected combination of ingredients to nurture a healthy gut in nursing foals.

One of the key components is B. infantis, a good gut bacterium specially adapted to efficiently consume the complex carbohydrates present in mare's milk. Through this consumption, B. infantis produces important short-chain fatty acids supporting optimal gut health. 

Addressing the intestinal microbiome 

An imbalance of gut bacteria in a foal’s intestinal microbiome disrupts the efficient utilization of complex carbohydrates in mare's milk.

This imbalance inhibits foals from experiencing the maximum benefits provided by their mother's milk. GlycoGuard promotes the colonization of beneficial gut bacteria, like B. infantis, ensuring the complete utilization of essential nutrients. 

Choose GlycoGuard for Transformative Foal Gut Health 

GlycoGuard revolutionizes the way we approach foal gut health and is backed by scientific evidence and a deep understanding of the intricate balance within the gut microbiome.

By supplementing with GlycoGuard, you provide your nursing foals with the necessary ingredients for a healthy gut, optimizing their growth, development, and overall well-being.